Miami Foreign Investment Delight

Miami Foreign Investment Delight


The present Real Estate cycle is under a new high, estimated international sales experienced a record-setting $24 billion increase from April through March 2014, to a total $92.2 billion in sales, compared to the previous period. This surged meant that foreign buyers increased the purchases of U.S. real estate assets by 35 percent.[1] Most Indicative of Florida’s ranking in this real estate cycle was that in 2013, it captured 23 percent of the market share of purchases from foreign investors, marking it as the optimal choice in the US for investors.[2] Additionally, in 2013, the real estate and leasing industry contributed the most to Florida’s GDP with a total of 16.9 percent.[3]

“We are currently under a new expansion cycle in which real estate is heavily influencing the economy, you can clearly see 10-15 cranes around the Brickell area at any given time” Stated Gonzalo Lopez Jordan, manager of Miami based Private Equity Firm, Patagonia Financial Holdings. “The local skyline will reach new heights, however it’s important and essential to base growth on long term economic contributors such as job creation and education.” Added Santiago Steed, co-manager at Patagonia Financial Holdings.

Such programs as the Immigrant Investor program administered by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), commonly referred to as EB-5 impose certain job requirements for each investor.

Although the program is only geared for investors requiring a US visa, such programs can contribute to the economy not only through the revenue of each project developed but also by having a minimum requirement of 10 jobs per investor.[1]

Investors should seek advice by a competent financial advisor.

“Real estate developments in the city have seen a tremendous surge, if a percentage of the total capital can come from EB-5 investors, then each project can have a minimum job requirement in mind and the projects can be much more effective at contributing to GDP growth.” Stated Gonzalo Lopez Jordan. “If pure residential development do not have the essential job creation required under the program then the desired result can be achieved by developing mixed-used buildings with restaurants, spas etc..” added Santiago Steed.


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Patagonia Financial Holdings is a private equity firm headed by Gonzalo  Lopez Jordan and Santiago Steed .The firm has over $500 million of deployed capital, primarily focused on structuring value-oriented and special situation investments.

Based in Florida, American Regional Center Group LLC (ARCG) was founded in partnership with Patagonia Financial Holdings LLC (PFH) to provide sound and reliable EB-5 investment opportunities for foreign investors and their families who wish to obtain permanent residency in the United States.

Patagonia Financial Holdings is headquartered at 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1950, in the heart of Miami’s Financial District.

For more information, please visit

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